Financial Help & Tips Recovery

Financial Help for those effected by Hurricane Dean.

Below is an overview of some of the places you can go to get help for the financial burden you are sure to encounter because of Hurricane Dean.

Loss of use coverage is a part of your home owners or renter's policies that helps defray a large portion of the money spent for lodging and other expenses incurred due to the loss of use of your residence. It pays the cost of reasonable motel bills, meals, and other basic living expenses minus the amount you would normally spend for daily living expenses. Check your policy for limits. You should retain records of all your expenses and a diary or log of your situation to substantiate your claim.

The "Loss of Use" coverage only pertains to you if the reason you are denied use of your residence is a covered peril making your residence uninhabitable. In some cases, if the insurance company deems the peril is related to flood, you may be denied this benefit. The best thing to do is to check with your agent or company's claim department.

This "loss of use" coverage is generally limited to 20 percent of a policy´s personal property coverage. For example, if you have $25,000 in personal property coverage, your loss-of-use coverage would be $5,000.

Refrigerated Products
Another piece of coverage, that many of you should be aware of, is an item called "Refrigerated Products." Most policies include coverage for loss of the contents of a freezer as a consequence of a power failure and often the deductible does not apply against this coverage.

Of course the main types of loss you will encounter is property damage and all policies should provide coverage of this type.

Below is a list of 1-800 claim numbers and other helpful numbers to help you in filing a claim or learning about your coverage:
For answers to general insurance questions call the Consumer Help Line between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Central time, Monday-Friday
in Austin

St. Paul Travelers will dispatch three Mobile Claim Headquarters -- custom-built RVs designed as mobile insurance claim offices that can provide claims services immediately following a disaster to the areas impacted by Dean immediately after the storm.

St. Paul Travelers claims professionals are available to take customer claims 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers are encouraged to report their loss directly by calling these numbers:
  • Travelers Home and Auto Claims: 800.CLAIM33 (800.252.4633)
  • Travelers Flood Claims: 800.356.6663
  • Travelers Boat/Yacht Claims: 800.772.4482
  • St. Paul Travelers and Travelers Business Claims: 800.238.6225
  • St. Paul Business Claims: 800.STPAUL1 (800.787.2851)

    Allstate Policy Holders call 1-800-54-STORM

    AAA Policy holders file claims by calling AAA Texas claims hotline at 1-800-672-5246.

    USAA Policy holder call 1-800-531-8222

    Others Insurance Companies in alphabetical order:
    ACE USA Clients receive individual 800 numbers or call 800 433-0385
    Acuity 800-242-7666
    Aegis Security Insurance Company 800-233-2160
    AIG Agency Auto 888-244-6163
    Alfa Insurance Group 888-964-2532
    Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation 866-239-AMIC
    Allmerica 800-628-0250
    Allstate 800-54-STORM (800-547-8676)
    Allstate Floridian Insurance Company 800-54-STORM (800-547-8676)
    American Bankers Insurance Company 800-245-1505
    American Federation Insurance Company 800-527-3907
    American General Property Insurance Company of Florida 800-321-2452
    American International Group, Inc. (AIG) 877-AIG-0304
    American Modern 800-543-2644
    American National Property & Casualty Company & Affiliates 800-333-2861
    American Reliable Insurance Company 800-245-1505
    American Skyline Insurance Company 888-298-5224
    American Strategic Insurance 866-ASI-L OSS (274-5677)
    American Superior Insurance 954-577-2202
    American Western Insurance Co. – Personal & Commercial- 800-264-8085 x 359
    AmFed National Insurance Company – Homeowners – 800-264-8085 ext 359
    Arch Insurance 800-817-3252
    Armed Forces Insurance Exchange 800-828-7736
    Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company 800-945-7461
    Atlantic Preferred Insurance Company 800-673-4952
    Audubon Flood Insurance Program / National Flood Service 800-759-8656
    Auto Owners Insurance Group (Palm City) 800-783-1269
    Auto Owners Insurance Group (Ft. Meyers) 800-437-2256
    AXA Re Property and Casualty 800-216-3711

    Balboa Insurance Group 888-868-2096
    Bankers Insurance Company 800-765-9700
    Bankers Security Insurance Company 800-765-9700
    Bituminous 800-475-4477
    Brierfield Insurance Company 800-530-7800
    Bristol West Insurance Group 800-BRISTOL

    Capital Preferred 800-734-4749 or 888-388-2742
    Catawba Insurance 800-711-9386
    Century Surety Insurance Company 800-850-0422
    CHUBB Insurance Group 800-252-4670 (800-CLAIMS-0)
    Church Mutual Insurance 800-554-2642
    Citizens Property Insurance Corp. 866-411-2742 (866-411-CPIC)
    Cincinnati Insurance Company 1-877-242-2544
    Clarendon National Insurance Company 800-216-3711
    Clarendon Select Insurance Company 800-509-1592
    CNA 877-262-2727
    Colony Insurance Company 800-577-6614 ext. 1715
    Companion Property & Casualty 800-649-2948
    Cotton States Mutual Group 800-282-6536
    CRC Insurance Services fax 205-986-6384
    CUNA Mutual 800-637-2676
    Cypress 888-352-9773

    EMC Insurance Companies 800-910-4988
    Encompass Insurance Company 800-588-7400
    Erie Insurance Group 800-367-3743

    Farmers 800-435-7764
    FCCI 800-226-3224
    Federal Mutual 888-333-4949
    Federated National Insurance Company 800-420-7075
    FEMA 800-621-3362 (800-621-FEMA)
    Fidelity & Casualty Insurance Company 800-725-9472
    Fidelity National Insurance Company 800-220-1351
    Fidelity National Property and Casualty Insurance Company 800-725-9472
    Fireman's Fund 888-347-3428 (888-FIREHAT)
    First Floridian 800-252-4633 (800-CLAIM33) (personal); 800-238-6225 (business)
    First Premium Insurance Group (Lloyd's Mobile Home) 800-432-3072
    First Protective Insurance Company 877-744-5224
    First Trenton 800-468-7341
    FM Global 877-639-5677 (877-NEWLOSS)
    Foremost Insurance Company 800-527-3907

    GE Employers Re 866-413-8978
    GEICO 800-841-3000
    General Casualty 888-737-8256
    General Star Indemnity Company 800-624-5237
    General Star National Insurance Company 800-624-5237
    GMAC Insurance (Auto Claims) 800-468-3466
    Granada Insurance Company 800-392-9966
    Great American 800-221-7274
    Guide One 888-748-4326

    Hanover Insurance (Allmerica) 800-628-0250
    Harbor Insurance Company 800-216-3711
    The Hartford 800-243-5860
    Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest 800-637-5410 or 800-243-5860
    Hartford Steam 800-HSB-LOSS
    Holyoke Mutual 800-225-2533

    ICAT 866-789-4228
    Industrial Risk Insurers 860-520-7347 (Business claims)
    Interstate Fire & Casualty 800-456-8458, ext. 770

    Kemper Home & Auto 888-252-2799

    Lafayette Insurance Company 800-343-9131

    Lexington Insurance Company 800-931-9546
    Liberty Mutual 800-2CLAIMS (800-225-2467)
    Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation 800-931-9548
    Louisiana Farm Bureau 866-275-7322

    Main Street America Group 877-282-3844
    Mercury Insurance Group 800-987-6000
    MetLife Auto & Home 800-854-6011

    National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 800-427-4661
    National Insurance Company 800-239-2121
    Nationwide 800-421-3535
    North Pointe Insurance Company 877-878-1991

    Ohio Casualty and West American Insurance Company 888-701-8727
    Old Dominion Insurance Company 877-425-2467 or 800-606-7992
    Omaha Property & Casualty 800-638-2592 (Flood only)
    Omega Insurance Company 800-216-3711
    OneBeacon 877-248-4968

    Poe Financial Group 800-673-4952
    Progressive Auto Insurance 800-PROGRESSIVE (766-4737)

    QualSure Insurance Corp. 877-563-0150

    Regency (Tower Hill) 800-216-3711
    Republic Fire & Casualty 800-451-0286
    Republic Group 800-451-0286
    Republic Underwriters (Commercial) 800-451-0286
    RLI Insurance Company 800-84-ROYAL (800-444-0406)
    Royal & SunAlliance 800-847-6925

    Safeco 800-332-3226
    Safeway Insurance Company – 800-252-3251
    Sagamore Insurance – Personal Auto 800-317-9402
    Sagamore Insurance – Small Fleet 800-224-1221
    Scottsdale Insurance Company 800-423-7675
    Security National Insurance Company 800-BRISTOL
    Selective 866-455-9969
    Service Insurance Company 800-780-8423
    Shelter Insurance Group 800-SHELTER (800-743-5837)
    Sompo Japan 800-444-6870
    Southern Family Insurance Company 800-673-4952
    Southern Fidelity 866-874-7342
    Southern Insurance Company (Commercial) 800-451-0286
    Southern Underwriters (Commercial) 800-451-0286
    Southwest Business Corp. 800-527-0066 ext. 7389
    St. Johns Insurance Company 800-748-2030
    St. Paul Insurance Companies 800-CLAIM 33 (800-252-4633)
    St. Paul Travelers 800-CLAIM33 (800-252-4633)
    State Auto 888-766-1853
    State Farm Insurance 800-SF-CLAIM (800-732-5246)
    Sunshine State Insurance Company 877-329-8795

    TAPCO 888-437-0373
    Texas Farm Bureau 800-772-6535

    Tower Hill Insurance Companies 800-216-3711 or 800-509-1592
    Travelers 800-252-4633 (800-CLAIM 33)
    Travelers Boat & Yacht 800-772-4482
    Travelers WC 800-238-6225

    United Fire Insurance Company 800-343-9131
    United Property and Casualty Company 800-861-4370
    Union Standard Insurance Group 800-444-0049
    Universal Insurance Company 888-846-7647
    USAA 800-531-8222
    USF&G 800-787-2851; 800-631-6478 (homeowners claims)
    USLI 800-523-5545

    Vanguard Fire & Casualty Company 888-343-5585
    Voyager Insurance Company 800-245-1505

    XL Insurance 800-688-1840

    Zenith 800-440-5020
    Zurich Insurance Company 800-987-3373

    FEMA Info on what happens after You apply for disaster assistance?

    FEMA will mail you a copy of your application and a copy of "Help After a Disaster: Applicant's Guide to the Individuals and Households Program" that will answer many of your questions.

    • If your home or its contents are damaged and you do not have insurance an inspector should contact you within 10 to 14 days after you apply to schedule a time to meet you at your damaged home. In areas where access is still severely limited, it may take longer for an inspection.
    • If your home or its contents were damaged and you have insurance you need to work through your insurance claim first and provide FEMA with a decision letter (settlement or denial) from your insurance company before FEMA issues an inspection. ***There is an exception for damages caused by flooding; if you have flood insurance, FEMA will issue an inspection before receiving a copy of your flood insurance decision letter to evaluate your eligibility for temporary living expenses because temporary living expenses are not covered by flood insurance.
    • About 10 days after the inspection FEMA will decide if you qualify for assistance. If you qualify for a grant FEMA will send you a check by mail or deposit it in your bank account. FEMA will also send you a letter describing how you are to use the money (for example: repairs to your home or to rent another house while you make repairs).
    • If FEMA decides that you do not qualify for a grant FEMA will send you a letter explaining why you were turned down and give you a chance to appeal the decision. Appeals must be in writing and mailed within 60 days of FEMA's decision.