Welcome to the Coin Group Emergency Information Center.

We hope that if the need occurs, that this  resource provides the needed help for you to connect with others from the Coin Group as they log in and provide their contact phone numbers and temporary locations. 

We will be posting  new instructions and comments to this site during  this hurricane crisis.


Procedure for informing company and associates of your location, if the storm causes you to evacuate.

If you evacuate outside of the Beaumont area, please contact your respective company by visiting this site and accessing our Database of all employees, owners and others affiliated with our operations.  This site will provide a bulletin board and a live listing of where our members are located.  Please respect the list as a means to assist each other in a time of emergency. The names, phone numbers and other personal information should be considered as privileged information and should not be given out to others.

Hurricane Preparedness List

A list of items you need to prepare for a hurricane and days or weeks of no electricity, running water, etc. This was inspired by/adopted from Marshall Brain's Blog entry "Surviving After a Hurricane"

1 gal. water person/day - up to 2 weeks.
Fill bathtub with water for flushing toilet
2 weeks supply of canned food
2 weeks supply of dried food (pasta and the like)
Powdered juice mix and milk
Gasoline and motor oil
Generator (for those who must have power)
Enough cash to last 2 weeks
Extra propane or charcoal for grill
3-4 large blue tarps
2-3 hundred feet of nylon rope
candles (be careful!)
Any medication refilled. Enough for at least a week or two
Power converter for your car. Great for charging cell phone (if you're
     lucky enough to have service).
Extra blankets
Carriers for any pets
Pet food/medicine for two weeks
Inform friends/family/neighbors of what you plan to do.

KLVI Radio KLVI Radio Main Page
Red Cross Link for Hurricane Information
Phone: (409) 832-1644